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Flames begin when a combustible or a flammable material, in mix with an adequate amount of an oxidizer, for example, oxygen gas or another oxygen-rich compound (however non-oxygen oxidizers exist), is presented to a wellspring of warmth or surrounding temperature over the glimmer point for the fuel/oxidizer blend, and can maintain a rate of quick oxidation that delivers a chain response. This is usually called the fire tetrahedron. Fire can’t exist without these components set up and in the correct extents.

For instance, a combustible fluid will begin consuming just if the fuel and oxygen are in the correct extents. Some fuel-oxygen blends may require an impetus, a substance that isn’t expended, when included, in any concoction response amid burning, however which empowers the reactants to combust all the more promptly.

When lighted, a chain response must happen whereby flames can support their own warmth by the further arrival of warmth vitality during the time spent burning and may proliferate, gave there is a ceaseless supply of an oxidizer and fuel.

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